Q: Who is your typical client?

A: Our client tends to be an empty nester or on the verge of becoming one. We have spent the last 21 years with a high degree of focus to satisfying this demographic.MAture-Couple_Smile

In the 1990’s we targeted the blue collar retiree. We did a great job. Some of you may recall “Quail Condominiums”. We developed communities that provided single level living in a low maintenance environment. Our target client base loved and still loves living in them. It was so successful that we changed our company name to Quail Homes (our first project was named Quail Glenn).

We transitioned out of them mainly because of the “Growth Management Act of 1994”. This was a land use policy that increased the density of housing in cities and counties here in the state of Washington. Think of a farmer trying to increase their crop yield per acre. Cities and Counties are required to do the same thing. Increase their units of housing per acre. What this meant is we had to change our business model. No longer could we build single level units because they ate too much real estate. We could not meet the units per acre requirement. For instance, we were building 6 units per acre. The new land use required 10 units per acre. That is why you will see so many two story homes on very small lots. Believe you me, that density did not come from either the consumer or the developer/builders. It was State mandated.

Sometimes things completely out of one’s control require drastic changes. The State Growth Management Act did so to us. We do indeed focus on the same demographic but in a different way. I will share that next week.

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