Prairie Electric wiring planWhere would we be without our gadgets and the electricity that powers them?

Our friends at Prairie Electric are some of the most skilled people around and you’re about to see why. Here’s how they manage the wiring at one of our new homes located in Washougal. They are designing the electrical circuitry to code, but not how you might think. To us, it’s where high tech and traditional meet.

Using the home plan as a starting point, they carry notes and color coding information over to cardboard which is then tacked up in a central location of the home. You can see how they use this as a guide and check off the completed items as they go.

Prairie Electric wiring plan2They do this as an alternative to constantly unfurling home plans because in the real world, it’s easier and more expeditious for the “boots on the ground” work. You could hire an electrical engineer to put it on “blue print” Auto Cad drawings, but why mess with something that’s clearly working?