Q: What’s in a date?

A: On October 21, 2015 is our annual Subcontractor and Vendor meeting. The goal of the meeting is to show appreciation for all their efforts during the year, inspire them to keep improving, create a venue for collaboration and provide a projection for the upcoming year. I will share these over the next few articles.
back to the future
One of our employees is a fan of the movie “Back to the Future” which was released in 1985. October 21, 2015 at 4:29 is an iconic date and time in the movie. We are living that date now. That got me thinking. How did we conduct business then versus now?

The way we communicated in 1985 was by mail, phone or in person. Today we have more tools to communicate. Is the communication today better? Sometimes I wonder. I really push our people to have face to face meetings. I like to use the electronic tools as a setup mechanism for face to face meetings. Our Quail Homes building process incorporates a simple system that requires face to face meetings at key stages of building the home with detailed checklists using pencil and paper. All parties to the meeting are to prepare in advance to the meetings. We document each meeting and roll play them to get better. That is a direct byproduct of how I was trained in 1985!!

Does “The Handshake” mean the same as then and it does today? Back in the day, a handshake was firm and you looked in the eyes of the receiver. It represented that your word was good. Is it true for people today?

One thing I have always wondered….in 1985 business dress was consistently professional across all types of jobs. Today casual. Has that had an impact of people being casual in other aspects of their jobs?

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