Q: What should I think about when choosing where to place my home?

A: The physical location of your house on the lot or piece of land affects how you feel and enjoy your home.

There are also technical considerations such as rules that establish setbacks from property lines and habitat protection areas. These rules will vary by building jurisdiction. The recorded plat or home owner association documents will sometimes identify home placement rules. Sometimes these rules may conflict. Ask if your new home builder has expertise to guide you.

Ask your builder to review the feasibility of the land you are considering. A reputable builder will prepare you for costs that might be incurred if the lot is rocky or needs more drainage. Understanding the grades up front helps determine a more accurate budget for building the home. Foundations may need to be stepped down or dug into hillsides. Tip: I like to see the garage on the high side of the lot!

Home placement should also consider the sun. The sun is your friend in green building. Passive solar techniques are easily done when planned in advance. Think of where you enjoy the sun in your home during all hours of the day. Go out to the lot during different times of the day. You can use the sun to help heat your home in the winter. Building techniques can help take the heat off in the summer.

I enjoy reading the paper and thank you for enjoying and learning more about building green.

Next week I will discuss platting the home on the lot.

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