Q: What kind of front door do you recommend?

A: Choosing a front door includes decisions based on function, style and maintenance. The most common options out there are wood, metal and fiberglass.

This might age me a bit—I’ve been at this long enough to tell you that it wasn’t too long ago that just about all front doors in our market was wood. Boy has that changed. Wood doors look great. When they weather they don’t. For clients seeking low maintenance products—the wood door is a mismatch.

The metal door was the first alternate to the wood door. The low maintenance factor was the main selling point. Unfortunately, we found that the metal doors were suspectable to dings during the construction process. It was common for us to fix the dings in metal doors prior to clients moving into their new homes. I did not like this at all.

Fiberglass doors came to the rescue. They have literally taken over the market. They remind me of a little bit of what fiber cement siding has done to the siding market. The function, style and low maintenance is unmatched.

Initially they were more money than metal and less than wood. Now they are priced competitively. They are extremely durable. No dings during construction. I like that.

It’s a manufactured product. What that means is that there are literally hundreds of styles available. It’s truly amazing.

Fiberglass doors perform at an extremely high level. Their warranties are unmatched. Any type of climate they do great.

If you like wood go with wood. Understand the maintenance factor.

If you like the look of wood and want less maintenance go with fiberglass.

If you are a price point buyer—go with metal understanding that you might need to repair those dings.

Build well and enjoy life.

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