Q: What is floor plan spacing?

A: I like to think about it as space planning. We analyze every area of the home with our clients. That includes exterior and interior spaces. The Boat and RV industry have mastered space planning. Great lessons can be learned by studying what those industries are doing. I would suggest that people attend the various Boat and RV shows. Tremendous design work is displayed that emphasizes creative uses for the spaces available. Every foot matters. Homes are no different.

Many times clients will be on a path with their design goals. We try to help them think a bit more broadly.

Universal design (aging in place concepts) works well for everybody. We incorporate wider hallways, three foot door openings, elimination of steps and other strategies to help the home live well today and in the future.

Creative storage spaces can be found with a keen eye. Everybody seems to want more storage. One creative way to create more storage is to consider using crawl spaces better. A conditioned crawl space will allow storage of items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity. Garages often get overlooked. We ask for measurements of our clients vehicles. We want to make sure that the garage door openings and heights will accommodate their vehicles. Depths and widths of the garage are critical for those with Trucks and SUV’s.

Most of clients are trying to downsize. Moving from a large home with their lifelong collections can be difficult. Sometimes we see clients who are downsizing from two households into one (when caring for an elder). We are patient in how we deal with this. Taking the time to listen to our client’s real needs is critical. Once we understand we usually can help them.

Build for life.

Next week I will discuss kitchen space planning.

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