Q: What is Conditioned air space?

A: In the year of 2008 we had studied under some of the best Building Scientists in America to learn how to build homes better. During a lecture we were asked this same question for which we had no answer. We do now.

Simply put, the air inside of your home is considered conditioned air. Green building techniques call for sealing your home well, insulating properly and having a great heating/cooling and air ventilation system. Conditioning therefore is combining the aforementioned products and techniques to maximize performance. When done correctly, the inside of your home will maintain an even temperature and use less energy to heat and cool.

We really work hard to get the furnace and duct inside the building envelope. Think of the building envelope as the shell of the home (not your garage). The idea is to keep the heating/cooling system in the same space as what you are trying to condition. If you want the inside of your home to be 70 degrees then put your systems inside that space you have conditioned to do so.

We are now starting to condition the attic and crawls spaces. Why do we do that? Are clients our asking us to. Here are some benefits for doing so:

A conditioned attic will be the same comfortable temperature as the inside of your home. We are finding that our clients are using their attic spaces to store items that need better temperature and humidity control than a regular attic provides.

Conditioned crawl spaces have some interesting benefits. No worries about critters. A conditioned crawl space is sealed off to prevent entry points. The concern of water in a crawl space disappears. A conditioned crawl space offers the same benefits for storage as a conditioned attic.

Next week I will explain how we condition attic and crawl spaces.

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