Q: What is Building Science?

A: Learning about Building Science has made a huge difference in how we build or remodel homes. We learned from an excellent building science group in Boulder, Colorado. What they taught us has had a huge change in our perspectives about building homes.

Building Scientists develop ways to make buildings perform better. What caught our attention is that we can make a difference in healthy air, comfort and operating costs (both your monthly and deferred maintenance).

Did you know that a code built home should be the minimum standard to build to? Prior to 2008 that’s how we built. Not anymore.

We have learned how to seal a home properly—we minimize air loss in a home. Each and every home we have a detailed focus to do it correctly—each one.

We take every floor plan and adjust them so that we can insulate them properly. Home plans that you purchase do not come set up for these techniques that we apply. We have auto-cad operators on staff to make this happen. Staggered studs, raised heel trusses, and other framing techniques are drawn into the plans so that we can insulate the home better.

Each and every home is” software modeled” so that we can optimize comfort and performance with fresh air ventilation, heating and cooling. Can you imagine designing a car without modeling first?

Is it possible to have a home that is operating on a net-zero basis? It is. And it is affordable.

We are currently working on having homes that use at least 50% less energy than a code built home. Add an energy source like Solar that can add enough power needs for 6 months and you are there. Now, that’s cool.

Build well and enjoy life.

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