Q: What is an ACH?

ACH is an acronym for Air Exchanges per Hour. It is a measurement number provide by a Blower Door Test. We hire Earth Advantage to perform this test on every home.

Why is this important? Air loss in a home has a direct impact on both comfort and energy bills. We pay great detail to make sure our homes a sealed properly. The blower door test helps us manage this.

I like keeping an eye on the ACH number. Think of this number as to when your furnace turns off and on. That is 1 air exchange. A typical home may have 15-20 air exchanges per hour.

We have found that if the ACH number is under 3 great things happen.

Comfort level increases. No more hot and cold spots in a home. You will have a consistent temperature throughout the home. Who would think this is possible? I believe we have all been conditions to live in our homes with some discomfort. Not anymore. As we all age—wouldn’t be nice to live in a comfortable home?

Energy bills are lower. Think about it. Your furnace running a few times an hour versus 15. It will cost you less. It is really that simple.

Lower deferred maintenance. If your furnace is not working as hard it will last longer.

To get a lower ACH number you will need to do some things different.

Building new you will need a builder that understands this process and can show you what they are doing with test results.

If you have an existing home—get that energy audit. Pay for a blower door test.

Prior to 2008 I knew very little about any of this stuff. I am truly amazed on how much better our homes perform.

Go get this going—you will be happy with the results.

Build well and enjoy life.

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