Q: How do I find a building lot or some land where I can build a home?

A: Most people get on line with various websites to look for properties that are listed on the Multiple Listing Service. We do that as well. What is important to know is that properties change status daily. You must watch this like a hawk. It is not unusual to have more than one party to be looking for the same thing you are.

When you see something you like there is nothing better than to go out and physically look. We recommend touring multiple properties.

While touring keep your eyes open for property for sale signs. Sometimes people overlook a property on line. Other properties for sale by owner are not listed. Signage is a very important tool to help sell properties. Look for them.

We also suggest while your boots are on the ground to look for property that you might like that had no listing or signage. Think about direct solicitation. Values have improved. We have had some success with this route.

It’s a full time job looking for property. We have people on staff who do just that. They take great pride in finding that special place for our clients.

Next week I will discuss how we study properties prior to a purchase. We call them feasibility studies. Come visit and learn.

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