Q: We’ve been looking at freshly built homes, but are having a hard time finding the neighborhood we want. How can we find a new home without making tough choices to be in a particular subdivision?

A: You can get the warm, friendly neighborhood or view you seek by your choice and have a new home too. Often builders are perceived as only having homes available in the subdivisions that they build. Times are changing for new home building, especially in the high performing green homes being built. You’ll find that collaborative planning and design are becoming more common among home builders and are critical to achieving cost savings while meeting high-performing home building goals.

By adding collaborative partners to my green home building team, I have gained efficiencies for those I build homes. That means that you aren’t limited to land that a builder owns. Ask your builder if he or she works with land specialist. The land specialist will be familiar with the footprint of the types of home that can be built.

We’ve found that our future path lies within collaboration, continually evolving and improving each home by tracking the efficiencies built into each new home. This not only creates immediate value in the home, but identifies the value of the home for sale should the family decide to sell and sell it based upon the high performance features built into it.

As a final note on homes being built on tracts of land, it’s my opinion that these homes’ efficiencies are found in the development process rather than the features you’ll find a true high-performing custom green home. This means that the tract builder is focusing on quantity instead of focusing of the kind of home operation efficiency that I’m describing. The homebuyers that I’m building for are transforming what high-performance means by selecting features based on how the family lives in the home whether it’s aesthetics or comfort: optimized daylight offers unique aesthetics and installing radiant floor heating for ultimate comfort. Visit the Smart Green Home [Home #6] in this year’s NW Natural Open House Tour during the hours of 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. through September 23rd or visit www.clarkcountyparadeofhomes.com/ to take a virtual tour to see windows and floors for livability.

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