Think Smart prior to Building Smart

We are in the midst of an evolution in the amount of information that is readily available. In our family we have had some medical issues. Prior to any medical visits we did our homework that included visiting medical websites, talking with friends in the medical industry and speaking with others that have gone through similar ailments. Decisions were made based on us doing the research, thinking about it and then giving it a go. We truly believed that this type due diligence helped with the outcome.

Building a home is no different. We work with clients that are highly engaged just like we were in working through some medical issues. We believe it takes patience and a focus on the long term helps make better decisions.

Most often clients come to us after they have done some research. Sometimes they get focused on the here and now. For example, a young family may be in a small home they feels like the walls are caving in. They want more space. That then becomes the key decision point. Just more space may not be the only consideration.

We try to slow them down and get them to think on a macro level. We try to get clients to think about how that home might function as time moves forward. Needs of families change when kids become teenagers or when kids go to college or maybe when they return from college. In some cases we see families taking care of an elder. These all have an impact on the design of a home. It is a whole lot easier to get the home set up for success upfront than adjusting later.

Thinking on broader terms is Thinking Smart.

I also enjoy reading the paper daily. Thank you for doing so.

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