Start of a new year…..CLEANING OUT THEM CLOSETS

A new year, a fresh new start always reminds me of how it feels when I clean out our closet. When I get in that mode my wife isn’t so happy with me. When I cleanse I cleanse. No emotional attachment. I take a good hard look of what I like and need then the rest goes.

I manage our homebuilding process is the same way. messy closet

We start to discuss the cleansing process in about September of every year. We really hone in on our process and what key meetings are vital to make our business run smoothly. We conduct meetings with the key people within the process and ask them to be honest in how we can all improve. With that data we then will have it all ready to implement for the next year.

We all know that we have a trade’s shortage. A byproduct of that is they all need to be more efficient with their time. Windshield time is a killer. Any work in Oregon performed by our Clark County workforce experiences killer traffic. This really bites into their workday. It makes it difficult on the employer and the employee. Employers have a hard time executing and making a profit and the employee gets burned out.

Due to this we have decided to minimize the work we do in Oregon. Our primary focus will be Southwest Washington. This has been a difficult and emotional decision for me. We have worked the Oregon market for over 20 years. Kind of like that piece of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. Letting go is not easy. Maybe I know why my wife feels the way she does when I get in that cleansing mode.

I hope this helps and thank you for reading Ask The Builder and making The Columbian of Vancouver, WA a part of your day.

In the next few article I will share more of what we discovered.

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