Schram Excavation. A valued ally.

As I get older it seems that I reflect back in time more. I was very fortunate to be raised in a family where my grandfather had owned a small grocery store. It was the classic store whereby everyone wore a crisp white shirt, a tie and a green apron with your name on it. In those days shoppers would stop and talk to the person running the produce department, the butcher or the guy handling the dairy products to get the experts’ advice. Those professionals had to know their stuff; in fact they took pride in doing so.

I worked there from the age of 8 to 17. When my name was called to carry out groceries the sprint was on. I was trained to hustle, smile and look people in the eye. I have realized it took my grandfather time to assemble the right people to make that store successful. We at Quail Homes have done the same. We want our clients to work directly with our trade allies. It’s important.

When building a home it starts from the ground up. We have relied on Jim Schram with Schram’s Excavating to ensure that the entire earthwork, water, sewer connections, storm lines and erosion control is done properly. It is serious business. A mistake in this stage of homebuilding can be costly. We have done business together for over 18 years—starting with his Dad. His dad instilled in Jim the same values and work ethic my grandfather taught me,”look em in the eye, deal with the tough issues the same as the good ones”.

We strive to hire those who have similar values to ours. We are proud to have a strong relationship with Schram Excavation. Keep the dirt moving Jimmy.

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