Meet our new friend from India.

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This gentleman recently came to Seattle for a business conference and made a quick detour to see us before flying home. Why? Because when you’re building a home at 7500 feet in elevation in the Indian Himalayas you want to know how to combat water intrusion during monsoon season and how to insulate against harsh winters from someone who knows.

That someone is Quail Homes.

As a leader in advanced and high efficiency building techniques, our reputation precedes us. We’re proud and humbled by that.

We gave him a peek at our home building recipe and helped him understand how we seal up our homes to make them comfortable and keep water away. We also shared the thoughtful way in which we place homes on property to maximize the view and preserve scenic beauty.

We’re on standby for consultation whenever he needs us from nearly 8,000 miles away because building a community means we care about what’s happening in our little corner of the world and across the globe.