New Home Building Comfort

Focusing on New Home Comfort and our clients love it!!

We have noticed that our clients are searching for the perfect new house for their last home. They know how the want to live because they have lived. One person’s new home comfort triggers are different from another’s.

For example, if you are a tall person you might want cabinet heights different than someone shorter. If you are a TV person you might want your TV centered in your great room rather than centering the fireplace. We have to be great listeners in order to enhance someone’s comfort.

Here are some new home comfort points that you might want to consider.

You actually do not have to monitor your thermostat to be comfortable without breaking your budget. Building with smart green building techniques does not cost much and it provides tremendous comfort. You can virtually eliminate those inconsistent temperatures in different parts of your home. If we can do it so can others. Don’t settle. Demand it.istock_000066280513_small-300x200

Poor lighting is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. Really think through your lighting plan. Seek out specialists who can help you. It is worth it.

Eliminate steps in your new home. Nothing hurts more in the middle of the night when you can trip or stub your toe.

Widen those door and hallways. Accessibility lives better now. Really think through the bathroom and kitchen designs for accessibility.

Cabinet and island countertop heights are often overlooked. Really easy to get want works for your body types. You just need to ask.

Electrical outlets and switches. Really take time to think about placement. Floor plugs, security lighting, Christmas light outlets, transfer switches for generators and outfitting the garage properly for appliances and other equipment is paramount.

Clean filter breathable air is terrific. Please ask for it.

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