We have recently met with our supply chain to come up with a game plan to spec out any changes needed to meet/exceed the new energy code.

Quail Home new home construction team collaborating on new energy code regulations in Washington State

We collaborate with our supply chain to create a plan to meet and exceed the new energy code.

The last month we have talked about the specific changes that are being made to create a more energy efficient home. These changes include: wall assembly, air leakage, HVAC, ducting, water heating method, and renewable energy. At Quail we work in unison with our suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors to continually build a better home, with this being said, it is important for our workforce to be on the same page with any changes we may have.

In our meeting we discussed all the topics listed above. Our conversation gravitated to air sealing, which is single handedly the best way to measure how efficient a house is. Air leakage is measured through a blower-door test, it works by drawing the air from the home and measuring the pressure difference inside and outside the home.

With this being said, our group came up with a solution to limiting some of our air infiltration the main culprit being can lights. The solution we came up with was for our insulator to spray a foam sealant around each light to eliminate any air gaps. We then spoke about how important it is for any of our workers to seal any hole in the building envelope that they make.

Another discussion point included which HVAC and water heater unit is best fit for our clients. In order to find this out, we grouped clients into three buckets: geo-thermal, furnace (electric or gas), or a mini-split. Each of these groups tend to attract different sizes of homes. Our goal was to find a recipe to exceed the code no matter what, and we believe we have achieved it.

I hope this helps and thank you for reading Ask The Builder and making The Columbian of Vancouver, WA a part of your day.

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