Cindy was born in Detroit, Michigan and moved to the Pacific Northwest when she was 7 years old.

As long as she can remember, she’s had a love of decorating, design, and home building. She built her first custom home in 1996 and was hooked from that day forward.

Cindy has worked in nearly every aspect of the real estate industry. She’s been a realtor, custom home builder, remodeler, and most recently was employed in the title and escrow industry. She brought her well rounded knowledge to her position as Construction Superintendent at Quail Homes in October of 2013 in Vancouver, WA.

Her favorite part of custom home building is seeing every project go from paper to 3D. She believes there is nothing more rewarding than watching the dream of every client come true, especially after a client sees everything (both the good and bad) involved in building a one of a kind home. Cindy also loves seeing new design products and learning about energy conservation.

In Cindy’s spare time, she loves spending time with her grandson, going to her cabin, hiking, gardening, cooking, antiquing vintage furniture, and crafting.