Q: How would you summarize the State of Washington Energy Code?

A: The State has adopted a system that will incrementally move new housing towards achieving a 70% reduction of annual energy consumption by the year 2030. That is only 16 years away.

The State has done a great job setting up the framework for achieving this lofty goal. We are in the beginning stages of the adoption process.

You can comply by the code by doing what I call OR BYs.

Points can be achieved by doing really simple things (read the previous articles on our website outlining how to comply) like building a more efficient building envelope OR BY minimizing air leakage OR BY improving ventilation OR BY incorporating more effective heating and cooling equipment OR BY providing better water heaters OR BY providing for renewable energy.

Each year as we move toward the year 2030, the State will increase the points required by simply changing the OR BY to an AND in the above paragraph. Brilliant!!!

One of the cardinal rules of investing in real estate is to BUY to SELL. One must educate themselves with regards to this Energy Code. Building a home with today’s code only will make that home outdated in a rather short term time frame. Most people hold their homes for at least 7 years. Think about it. How will you compete later?

There is a tremendous amount of cluttered information about green building. I like to think about green building as building smart for today and the future. Our State’s building codes for energy compliance is based on higher performance standards. I have found that those who seek an understanding are really happy with how we are building for them.

I also enjoy reading the paper daily. Thank you for doing so.

Build for life.

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