Q: How do you organize the finishes in the Master Bathroom?

A: I really believe it helps to have a person on your team to help you pull this together. It can be overwhelming to do this by yourself. The trick is to find a designer that will not exert their ego beyond yours. I find in many cases a client is unsure and sometimes goes with the designer’s ideas then later regrets it.

Caution point: I see clients who try to self-manage go to various vendors for their selections. Each vendor will have some sort of influence on decisions made. The challenge with just relying on the vendors is that sometimes they don’t see the entire project. Their main focus is for the elements they provide. This is where a good designer on your team will pay dividends. They can help you keep focused on the big picture rather than just specific elements.

I have a saying “go slow and play fast.” If you find the pace and decision making is rushed slow it down. Think it through. Be comfortable with your decisions.

Most people will tie the design of the bathroom with other elements of the home. Finishes like the door and door hardware, faucet and shower valve finishers, towel and toilet paper holders will all typically tie into the finishes of the rest of the home. For example, your kitchen sink may have an antique bronze faucet. That then drives the finishes of the rest of the home. Antique bronze finishes then typically would be carried into the master bathroom. Cabinets are no different.

Sometimes clients want to break away from the typical method. They might have a goal to make the master bath into something entirely different than the rest of the home. We see them almost as a retreat area or spa environment.

I also enjoy reading the paper daily. Thank you for doing so.

Next week I will discuss plumbing fixtures.

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