Q: How do you go about designing your homes?

A: When one thinks about Home Design it gets complicated. Our job is to make it easy. What I have found over time is to take the task of Home Design and break it down into smaller parts. Focus then can be attained in a pragmatic way that when all the parts are put together create great homes. The first step is to determine where does the home plan originate?

Where home plans come from does make a difference. We use Mascord home designs on about 60% of our work. They are an excellent at what they do. What I like most about their group of people is that they have the combination of creative and technical skill necessary to make Home Design great and easy to build.(Most design shops don’t have this). Another big advantage of using Mascord Homes Designs is that they are local (about 10 miles from our office). When we purchase plans from them we like buying the AutoCAD version. (AutoCAD is drafting software that many use to design homes). With a digital version of the plans we then can make all the changes (customizing) for our clients.

About 20% of our work comes from other home designers. We have worked with plans from various parts of the country. Clients will search websites to find plans. What makes this more difficult is that some of these designers will not let out a digital version of the plan for fear of copyright violations. Another difficulty is that these plans are not drawn for our local building codes.

The remaining work we do are with either small local some design shops and or we will draft a plan with our staff.

I also enjoy reading the paper daily. Thank you for doing so.

Build for life.

Next week I will discuss how to interview a home designer.

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