Q: How do I set up my home for success with the internet?

A: This is an ever changing question. In the technology world the talk about Moore’s Law and the effect it has on change. Every three years expect a technological change that can make your product outdated. Think about the cell phone and its evolution. The ‘Smart Phone” has replaced the simple cell phone that would allow you to talk and text.

Your ability for your home to function properly in the technology arena is no different. We used to “wire” homes to supply phone and cable separately. Now your cable provider can supply your phone service. We also see many new homeowners not using the phone line for phone service, but instead for internet connectivity and use their ‘Smart Phones’ for phone service. They will also ‘Skype’ via the computer rather than making a phone call.

I would suggest that you take a hard look at what you are doing now via the internet and what you might expect to do in the future. Even consider hiring somebody that is well versed in the ‘IT” world and develop a strategy that will allow you to determine a system that will work for you now and in the future.

We hardwire homes with ‘Ethernet” capabilities. This allows for the highest transmission capacity possible. We also install commercial grade modems that will allow your wireless devises to work faster and better. Most often we have found that the modem is the weakness not the service or the device. We also include a ‘Smart Panel” that allows all the wiring to be in a central location. Much like an electrical panel but designated just for the internet.

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