Q: How do I make my home holiday friendly?

A: This time of year we all struggle with making our homes inviting, festive and fun. I have had my own challenges. When planning a home or remodel maybe some of these ideas below will be helpful.

Let’s start with the Christmas Tree. Think about placement and how you will get the tree into the home. In our home we do not have a straight path to bring the tree in through the front door to the tree location in the home. We also have 8’ ceilings downstairs. Our door widths make it cumbersome and messy when bringing in the tree. I would suggest thinking a bit about this in the planning stages of the home. We fight it every year…our next home I can guarantee we won’t.

Christmas lights can be tricky. Every year I hear of people getting injured installing exterior Christmas Lights. If you have a two story home, I would suggest hiring out the install. Single story homes are still dangerous, be careful. Having exterior outlets strategically placed can be most helpful when plugging in the Christmas Lights. I would suggest these be on a separate circuit. Lights need power. Dedicated power works much better.

Think about how you want to entertain during the holidays and then design accordingly. Accommodating guests of all ages can be tricky. We are seeing demand for multiple great or bonus rooms. Kids and adults entertain differently. Having separate areas for them makes the holidays much more fun for all.

Kitchen designs tend to be more open. Big kitchen islands are popular. This is a trend that is here to stay. They allow people to work, converse and serve food much like a buffet area. And the cook becomes part of the party.

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