Erosion control is a byproduct of good regulations.

Last week we discussed Storm Water Management. This week I would like to explain the benefits erosion control.

As we all know summer is about over and here comes the rains. Rainy weather presents challenges during the building process. As little as 15 years ago it was common to see mud on the streets of a construction site. Trucks, vans, backhoes, bulldozers and the like had limited rules in how they worked on a construction site. It was if it was the Wild West. Keeping the streets and storm water systems clean was all but impossible.

That all changed in about 1994. The State Department of Ecology enacted strict guidelines in how we manage storm water runoff. Within the last 2 years they upped the ante again.

Erosion control is what we call to keep a building sites storm water runoff clean. By rule, we must limit storm water runoff. All homebuilding plans in Clark County require a storm water review. We must plan in advance how we are going to handle erosion control. Water runoff from the roof, patio covers and concrete is analyzed. Products such as silt fences, hay, rock trenches and cedar chip bags are all used to keep water clean prior to entering a storm water system.

We are all some way a steward of protecting our water ways. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was that clean up boy with a shovel and broom keeping streets clean. Know we do it by better planning and execution. All the better.

I am thankful that our state government had the foresight and fortitude to enact stricter regulations. These rules make it a better place to work and live.

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