Defining Build Smart: ‘M’ for Morals

The last few articles we have been discussing how our employees have defined each letter of our ‘Build Smart’ tagline. ‘M’ stands for Morals.

I am a lifelong sports fan. The NFL football draft has gotten so much media attention it has been hard to avoid it. What I find amazing is how fast a player’s stock can fall because of some off the field incident. This year several players stock has fallen due to off field issues. Management tries to determine is that off field episode a maturity issue or a habit. We locals all remember the Portland Trailblazer problems with this kind of stuff. Character does matter so do morals.

Most professional sports teams have great talent. Why do some win more consistently than others? Could it be that when you have a group of people who are on time, are prepared, respect each other and are willing to do the little things that aren’t fun to do have something to do with it?

We try to hire right. What I mean is that we look for people that have an understanding of what is right and wrong. Sometimes a lack of experience is not the determining factor of a hiring decision.

The challenge with that we face is that morals are being diminished. We have to work harder at finding people who believe that having a high level of morality is important. The short term mentality of “What is in it for me” is more prevalent now than ever.

Call me old school. I like people who I can count on in the custom builder trade. Maybe that is why we have such an outstanding group of trade partners and employees. Their relationships have been tested over time. Doing and making things right is part of our moral fabric.

The next series of article will describe each word associated to “Build Smart”.

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