The last few articles we have been discussing how our employees have defined each letter of our ‘Build Smart’ tagline. ‘L” stands for longevity.

Initially, I thought our employees mentioned longevity because they wanted to work for a company where they can get a consistent paycheck over the long haul. That may be true, but it is much deeper.

They are very proud that we survived the downturn. Especially that we paid all of our lenders and trade partners on time and in full. I think they realized that we don’t take short cuts and our word is good. This in itself leads to longevity.

They also thought it was neat to be able to shut down one business model that focused on community building via lender financing and create a whole new one building green custom homes for individual clients that are financed by each consumer all at the same time.

The Build Smart techniques started in 2008. It really did give us hope. The quest to build above building codes made a lot of sense. When you build a better home it lasts longer, is more comfortable and costs less to operate.

Everything we do is based on sound Building Science concepts. Water is a key component to building failures. We go above and beyond to make sure water is handled properly. The type of materials we use help with longevity. Limiting deferred maintenance takes great planning and using great value oriented products. For example, we will use an exterior paint that will triple the lifetime between paint jobs versus a paint that a typical builder uses.

The next series of article will describe each word associated to “Build Smart”.