Q: Why would I say, “Welcoming Old Man Winter”?

A: Welcoming Old Man Winter….time for an energy audit.

Extreme weather either hot or cold is a great test for your home’s performance. Our Heating and Cooling contractor always has a smile on his face when it is either very hot or very cold outside. They are at their busiest when our weather is at its extremes. Mechanical failures will show up during the extremes.house with blue hat

We would like to give you some tips that might help.

We suggest first to contact Clark PUD. They have energy specialists that will visit your existing or new home and perform an energy audit. This will tell you where you will need to focus to get better performance in your home. Most often the audit will show air leakage and a need for better insulation. What is most helpful is you will get a strategic game plan with a list of contractors who specialize in these areas of home performance. Low interest loans are available as well. What is great about having Clark PUD perform an energy audit for you is that it is FREE.

It is extremely important to implement a system. What is most frustrating is listening or seeing advertisements for insulation or heating and cooling equipment that will solve performance problems. Think of your home as a race car. To get the race car to perform at a high level you would focus on more than just the tires. Your home is the same. A high efficiency furnace will help but it will run more than it has to if your home leaks air.

We emphasize that the inside of your home is its own ecosystem. An energy analyst will help you keep your eye on the big picture. When you implement a system wide plan you will enjoy the benefits of increased comfort and lower energy bills.

I hope this helps and thank you for reading Ask The Builder and making The Columbian of Vancouver, WA a part of your day.

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