Q: What should I consider when designing the master bathroom?

A: I see most people attack the finishes first. I would recommend thinking about function then finishes. This week I will write about function next finishes.

Function takes time to get right. Think about how you have lived and then want to live. We have all struggled with a master bathroom. Some are too big others too small. To get it right I believe it’s best to be patient in the design phase. Showrooms give you great ideas on finishes but are difficult on getting a feel for the spacing. Spend some quality time visiting homes. They can be new model homes or can be those on some sort of tour. (We have had people visit our model from as far away as Illinois!!). There is nothing better than touching and feeling.

A good designer will have a portfolio to view. I would take it to another level. See if you can personally visit some of those homes in the designer’s portfolio.

Most people plan on being in their homes for the long term. Mobility issues can sneak up on us all. Wider doors, showers with no threshold, grab bars (or a minimum of blocking for grab bars) are a must. Counter top heights are most often overlooked. In our home our counters are 36” I sure would like 42”. You can actually design his and her countertops at different heights.

The trend for bathtubs is changing. It wasn’t long ago all master baths required a jetted tub. Right now we see about 50% without a tub, 30% with a soaking tub and 20% jetted. Don’t be afraid to do what you want! After all you will be living there.

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