Q: What is good approach to designing a kitchen?

A: Throughout my 25 years of building homes, I continue to learn. Our best source is our clients. Just about everybody uses a kitchen. When you consider a lifetime of living, think about the kitchen. It evolves with one’s life. Apartment living and the first time homebuyer have different needs than the busy family or the entertaining executive.

The most important aspect of kitchen design is to find the professionals that will listen to your needs. I mean really listen. Part of listening is caring. Do the professionals care or is it merely a transaction for them. I can’t emphasize this enough.

The basics of kitchen design are simple to understand. Clients want it appealing to the eye, easy to maintain and efficient to cook and clean. What makes it difficult is matching those goals with the floor plan itself. All plans have some sort of limitation. The best professional will seek solutions that others won’t.

Lighting is often overlooked. Spend some quality time understanding how lighting will be during all times of the day. As we age, lighting becomes more important. I would suggest bringing in a lighting specialist into the kitchen design process.

Consider ergonomics. Body movement and kitchen design are important. Most of our clients have fought this during their experiences. I like to watch how the trained professional chefs work. You can learn a lot about kitchen design from them.

Look at the distance between the cabinets and the island. I like a minimum of 52”. When I visit model homes it really does surprise me how often this is overlooked. Once cabinets are built and installed this is a hard one to fix!!

Build for life.

Next week I will discuss window planning.

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