Q: What is a good approach to window planning?

A: Windows have aesthetic and functional values that must be considered.

If you look closely at the front elevation of a home, take a look at the windows. Color plays a vital role. Often you will see a white vinyl window with an exterior paint color that doesn’t match. I would suggest thinking about you exterior paint colors with your window casings in mind. The color options for the window casing have expanded to accommodate just about any paint color you desire. You can even have different color on the exterior window than what might be on the interior.

The interior look of a window must take into account what type of finish trim material is used. Some like a paint grade material. Think about the window casing color and what color you want the trim. Sometimes we see clients want a real wood for their trim material. Windows can now be vinyl casings on the outside and natural wood trim on the inside. A great option for our climate.

Vinyl windows are the majority of windows used in our market. We have a number of Northwest manufactures that do a great job in manufacturing windows. Energy efficiency must be considered. The U-value is like the miles per gallon for a car. The lower the U-value the better. Look for windows that are .30 or lower. Check into their warranty. Most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. Some are better than others. Read the fine print.

We have found that a high quality window representative makes all the difference in the world. There is a lot to know. Don’t settle for the fast talker.

Build for life.

Next week I will discuss more on windows.

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