Q: What do your buyers want?

A: All of our clients want to make their home personalized to how they live now and want to live in the future. Much more long term planning is going into every one of our jobs.

There is no doubt that our clients want a home that they can age in. That means either a single level home or a master on the main floor. They have a long term mindset. They plan on living in the home for at least 15 or more years. Durable low maintenance products are high on the list. Our clients have a good understanding of paying for quality upfront saves them money and work later.

Most are planning for long term care to be able to be done at their home. This means the home design needs to be adjusted to meet those goals. Universal Design is incorporated into every home we build. Wider hallways, no steps when entering or leaving the home, roll in showers are just a few highlights that we design into our homes.

Home design that allows for dual living is a growing trend. I would say about a quarter of our clients plan on having two or more family units on the same property.

Our clients really care on being informed during all facets of the building process. We have made significant changes in how we communicate with our clients. We have implemented a system where we give our clients a weekly status report covering their budget, schedule and other critical information that allows all of us to be on the same page each and every week of the homebuilding process.

We have redefined our business model “Quail Homes Build Smart” in response to what our clients want. The next few articles will be going into more detail of what “Build Smart” means.

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