Q: What do you think about Solar Power for a home?

A: Almost everybody likes the sun—You might just find that it will fill your pockets with money.

We are in the midst of an evolution on how homes are built and what components are available for them. Solar Power is no exception.

It’s important to build homes that prevent air loss, are well insulated and have the correct heating and cooling systems with automated fresh air ventilation. Once these have been accomplished we recommend looking at Solar Power.

It’s real simple. Solar Power works—even in our climate. It also pays you back. Here is the math:

There are federal tax credits and state rebate programs that really help pay for solar power.

A starter system size 2400w that would generate 2600 kwh/year would cost about $14,000. A federal tax credit of about $4200 is available with an additional state production rebate of $1400/year for 7 years. You would save about $220/year in energy savings as well. As you can see—your payback is less than 5.9 years.

A medium system 4800w that would generate 5200 kwh/year would cost about $26,000. A federal tax credits of about $7800 and 7 year rebates of $2800/ year. Energy savings of $440/year. Payback estimated at 5.5 years.

A large system 8640w that would generate 9300 kwh/year would cost about $45,000. Federal tax credits $ 13,500 and 7 year rebates of $5000/year. Energy savings of $800/year. Payback estimated at 5.2 years.

Let’s say you decided to put a medium sized system ($25,000) into your mortgage that is at 4%. This would cost about $70/month.

All of the tax credit and rebate dollars would then fall right into your pockets.

Now—that’s a pretty good deal.

Build well and enjoy life.

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