Q: What brand of Plumbing Fixtures do you recommend?

A: The decision of what brand is not so simple. Your main domestic brands are Delta, Moen, and Price Pfister. Delta and Moen dominate the domestic market. Much like the domestic auto industry has in Ford, Chevy, and Dodge.

I would determine your goals of your decision. Is it based on style, function, dependability or some other factor? DO you want to stay in the same brand of products? (It is O.K. to mix and match brands. We see that with our clients.) Is your need long term or short term? Who is going to install the feature?

Installation of the fixtures is very important. Plumbers have strong relationships with the manufacturers and distributors. Plumbers typically have strong ties to either Delta or Moen. I believe that is the case because Delta and Moen strategically have made the plumber a priority in their distribution channel. Plumbers will initially stay loyal to “their brand.” But, they will install anything. You may have to be a bit persistent, but they will.

Long term decisions require a better product. It will perform better over time. Plumbers will warrant them. The style is important. Consider the trends. If the product is funky or sleek, remember it could go out of style down the road. I tend to tell clients buy what you like. If it looks good to you, then that is what is important.

As a builder, when we set our standards for plumbing fixtures, we take all of the above into account. We also consider what products are being advertised. The public will see plumbing fixtures advertised then they will want them. This, we got to deliver. We tend to go with Moen and Delta.

I also enjoy reading the paper daily. Thank you for doing so.

Next week I will discuss Master Bathroom Showers.

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