Q: What are you doing to attract empty nester?

A: We have become experts at finding lot and land to support single level homes.

Last week I discussed the impact of the State Growth Management Act on us as builders and consumers. Lots got smaller and the baby boomer demographic got bigger. There is scarcity for lots that provide for a single level home (even a small 1200-1500 square foot home). I get asked almost daily if we can provide a one level home at a price under $300,000. The answer is no we cannot.

What can we do? During the housing downturn I made a strategic decision to continue to serve the empty nester market. I felt the best place we can do that is on acreage. You see, acreage can fit a one level home. Most in town lots cannot. Now, we still do provide single level living in town but we can’t find enough lots to support our business. The combination of building on acreage on in town does support our business model. And we love doing it.

We have a much disciplined approach to finding properties for clients. My right hand man (Jeff Baker 360.904.6467) is excellent in finding that special property for our clients. At least three times daily he tracks availability. It’s as if we are matchmakers. We understand what our clients are looking for and Jeff matches them up with that little slice of heaven.

We have become experts at not only finding land but also evaluating properties for purchase. I do all the feasibilities personally for our clients. I get into what the property is, and what it will cost to support a home. My background in developing land into subdivisions has been most helpful in conducting the detailed analysis required for a proper land purchase. I really enjoy doing each and every one.

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