Q: What are some other window considerations?

A: Our local market consists primarily of vinyl windows. We have great Northwest manufacturers. They have tremendous research and development teams working on improving aesthetics, function and energy efficiency.

Windows are apart of both the interiors and exterior design. Milguard does a great job with their different options to make the home look great. When thinking about vinyl colors think about the weather. Some might suggest that you can paint the window casings. I would suggest you talk with an expert. Some colors don’t work well with vinyl. A fiberglass window might be a better option.

The glass manufactures have developed great ideas to incorporate into window design. Privacy glass is very popular. The old days of just having glass block are over. You can have a great look and privacy at the same time. Tinting works great for areas of the home that face the sun. It makes the home more comfortable and helps with energy efficiency. Think of the eye glass industry. I wear transition lenses. When I am outside they adjust to the light. Windows can do the same.

Security locks are improving every year. I would suggest paying attention to how the locks work. Some are easier than others. As we age this becomes very important. We have clients choose a window just because of how the lock mechanism works.

Building codes are outlining the requirement for more energy efficient windows. The U factor measures the efficiency. The lower the number the better. Right now .30 is the baseline. Look for this to change overtime to .22. Windows are now available to meet this possible code requirement.

Build for life.

Next week I will discuss more on windows.

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