Quail Homes Presents: Home Platting

Q: Is it important how I plat my home on the lot?

A: There are long-lasting impacts of getting a home placed correctly. Proper platting can improve life in the home.

To reduce the stress in building a home, I recommend platting with knowledge. That’s why I plat in several stages.

Stage One of my platting process happens before meeting clients on their property. I use a detailed checklist to gather information before the first meeting. I visit the property during different times of the day to understand how the sun will impact the home. (Remember the sun is your friend.). I personally shoot grades in advance to help our clients better understand the topography of their lot. Most lots have some sort of slope (even those that look flat!). I research all setback, storm water and utility requirements issues in advance so I can educate our clients on how that might impact home placement. I provide this information on a plot plan (think of this as your lot dimensional laid out on paper with some possibilities of home placement) to help our clients visualize a possible home placement.

Stage Two is when I meet the homeowners on site. I want to fully understand their goals and objectives. Sometimes a view will take priority. Other times it might be their hobbies, like gardening. Then we compare the Stage One information with their goals and objectives to settle on where the home will be placed. As a courtesy, I place construction stakes (I like 4’ stakes that I paint either white or yellow) so the owners can visualize where the home will be on the lot.

Stage Three is creating the plot plan from the field information. All municipalities require a plot plan for building permits. The information required is ever increasing. I will share next week what is required for permitting approval.

I also enjoy reading the paper daily. Thank you for doing so.

Build for life.

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