Local artisans….alive and well

Last Saturday, I attended the Brewfest at Ester Short Park. Brewfest is an annual collection of microbrewers that brew beer with local ingredients. This festival attracts those who want to take time to brew their own beer or sample beer from some of the best brewers in our area. I witnessed people with pride and passion for their goods. Upon entrance I sensed a buzz. I felt positive energy through my bones. It wasn’t the beer (I was the designated driver) that made me feel this way. It was the people proud of their craft. It reminded me of what our team does to build homes.

Every golfer is in search for the best golf ball, club or that something that gives them the confidence to compete better. Everybody has that favorite pair of pants or shoes that fit perfectly. Once you find that you tend to want to keep it. In our case as a builder it is no different. We want to keep the best people.

We cannot meet people’s needs with housing without the right people. People include our employees, subcontractors or vendors. Our people are a collection of persons that share common values. Those values start with me.

To really be good at something I feel you have to have passion. Simply going through the motions reminds me of building a home simply to code–not what we are interested in. Finding people with a passion for what they do is my life’s work. Over time we have collected a group of people who have deep passions for what they do. And you know what…they are good at their craft.

I enjoy going to the farmers market, our local butcher, baker or locally owned restaurant. Why? I suppose it comes down to passion. The people really care. Their product is better.

In the coming weeks I will be writing about our local artisans that help us build better homes.

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