Q: I’m overwhelmed with stuff, do you have any ideas to help with storage?

A: I do. I would like to mention we take storage seriously. We constantly look at opportunities to help people live better, storage being one of them.

I truly believe what you focus on you will get. Most often storage is not a focal point in the design phase of a home or remodel.

Most of our clients are consumed with other housing needs when discussing a build or remodel job. We make sure to take the time to address storage. We ask questions about how they live now and how they want to live in the future. It is really important to invest in small simple ways to have better storage.

It all starts with design. Hidden opportunities like attic storage over the garage, under stairways, bump outs along the side of the home are very low cost propositions that can make a huge difference in how you live.

Closet storage ideas are stimulated on detailed questions. It is interesting to see what people really store in the closets. One size does not fit all!! Make a list of what you have and how you would like to organize them. That will be very helpful in the design phase. Affordable solutions are available if we know ahead of time.

Seasonal items need special consideration. Hobbies are another.

I would suggest you look at what the Boat and RV industries have done. They really know how to maximize livability. Every foot matters in the boating industry. I don’t think you can buy an RV without a bump out. The bump outs maximize living space. Check out tradeshows.

Housing tradeshows will give you a lot of ideas for storage in the garage, kitchen, laundry rooms and your outdoor activities.