Q: How should I set my home to allow for all this smart technology?

A: I can remember when we only had telephone wire in the home.

It is now all about connectivity to the internet.

I believe you should treat your home as an office environment. In our business we cannot operate without our computers, tablets, phones all working in unison. I believe your home is no different.

In our home, my wife is a school teacher that brings work home. She needs connectivity. I bring work home. Our three kids have college course work that is internet based. Video gaming, streaming movies is alive and well in our household. We have had some stressful times trying to make our home environment work.

In our business we hire out an Information Technology consultant to help us. Our whole system is supported by structured wiring and a commercial grade wireless router that supports the information flow.

I highly recommend that you have a plan of what your goals are and how your systems will be supported. Think forward. We all know that smart technologies are only going to grow. Do you have a plan in place to grow with it—or do you wait for the systems to crash and then react?

In our business environment we indeed have plan. In our home we didn’t. Guess what? We experienced several crashes. I took it upon myself to take the same approach at home as I do with our business. The result has been stress free.

When working with clients it is now a priority to address how we set homes up for success in regards to information technology. We have a plan. We ask a lot of questions. Our standard home now comes with a commercial router and structured wiring that handle the demands now and down the road.

Build well and enjoy life.

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