Q: How do you ensure good design into a remodel?

A: I find this to be the most difficult area when considering a remodel. Most people take the initiative to start their design ideas prior to getting professionals involved. This really helps. The more clearly the vision of the project that can be conveyed the better.

Most of our clients are couples. A unified front regarding what you want prior to getting the professionals on board is extremely helpful. You don’t have to know all the details but the overall concepts are vital. I have experienced trouble spots when the clients are looking to the designers to be the referee and or decision maker. It’s best when the designer develops options that the client can think about and then make decisions. If you can free up the minds of the designer to design all the better.

Good design saves time and money. Be prepared to allocate adequate time to design the project. Most often clients make their minds to do a project they want to get it done fast. Going too fast always produces poor results. The old adage “measure twice cut once” applies to design. I would rather spend more time on getting the design correct then working on a poor design.

Plan spending more money than you think on working with a quality designer. It will pay off big time.

Accurate plans and specifications are critical in the construction phase. The ONLY WAY to hold contractors and vendors accountable to both the execution of the job and the budget is to have rock solid set of plans and specifications. The more deatil the better.

I also enjoy reading the paper daily. Thank you for doing so.

Next week I will discuss planning a remodeling project.

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