Q: How do I interview a home designer?

1. Write down the most important ideas you want or have seen to include in your home design. Number them in order of importance.

2. Compile a list of three home designers that you could contact. Start with only three – if the three fail, then repeat from here. Call each designer and ask each one if they’ve done what you want done. If they have, ask for references and samples of their work.

3. Seek out the home builders you are considering. Ask if the builder offers design services and if so, add that designer to your list to interview. It is important to find out what the home builder charges for the design phase and to also know the cost of any designers that you liked in the previous step.

4. If the builder you choose does not include design service, ask if the designer will collaborate on techniques like raise heeled trusses, staggered studs, mechanical rooms and duct work in conditioned space.

Step four is important as it will save you big money over time and make your home more comfortable. These concepts exhibit care from designers and builders. It is that simple.

I enjoy reading the paper and thank you for enjoying and learning more about building green.

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