Energy, Carbon Footprints…The Great Debate here in Clark County

Recently Bill McKibben (founder of the global advocacy group was in town to discuss a pending agreement between the Port of Vancouver and Tesoro to build the largest oil terminal in the Pacific Northwest. He spoke at Clark College where over 400 people attended. That’s a lot. What is all the interest about? Possibly a concern about keeping our environment clean, increasing our carbon footprint that increases global warming, advocating to get our country to diversify our energy sources and lessen our dependancy on petroleum products?

We can all take different sides of the debate. Each side flexes their muscles like roosters courting a hen. What I think is important is what we all can do to help. I tend to listen to both sides of the debate. Most often there is good on both. In this case can’t we all do things that help with our dependency on oil and lessen the impact of the carbon footprint? I think we can. Particularly when it comes to housing. That is why we are leading the charge in High Performance Green Building.

McKibben had referenced Germany regarding their efforts to increase Solar Power in their country. I have mentioned in past articles that the German Government is subsidizing to help get solar power to its people. Did you know the State of Washington and our Federal Government is as well? Germany is the leading country per capita for solar installs. Their climate is similar to ours. Shouldn’t we here in Clark County do the same. It is affordable and it works.

Did you know the Germans are the leaders in the Passive Haus techniques—the idea is to build the house structure so that it doesn’t use much energy. Makes sense doesn’t it.

We have figured out how to do this. When we add solar we are delivering homes that are self-sustaining or what the industry calls NET ZERO.

Come visit us and learn.

Build well and enjoy life.

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