Defining Build Smart: ‘R’ for Relationships

The last few articles we have been discussing how our employees have defined each letter of our ‘Build Smart’ tagline. ‘R’ stands for Relationships.

Our employees picked the word Reliable for the ‘R’ word. This is the only letter and word that I had a strong feeling to add an additional word. Reliability is very important and our very foundation of building relationships is based on having people be Reliable. We really need two ‘R’s’, ‘RELIABLE RELATIONSHIPS’.

Ek Plumbing and Prairie Electric have been working with us since the day we started 26 years ago. How can a relationship last that long in today’s new home construction business world? We have had some tough economic cycles, market dynamics that have made housing more difficult (more regulation) and employee turnover yet we have been able to maintain a very strong and reliable relationship.

Upon reflection I have come to the conclusion that we share the same values. We are responsive to each other’s needs. We try to make it better and not get hung up on the blame game. We are not greedy. Doing the right thing, even if it is painful has been proven over time to be extremely important in keeping our relationships strong.

I have a simple test that is ever difficult. If you call, text or email someone will the respond timely? If you have a meeting will they show up on time and be prepared? I have a very strong conviction on how I and our employees conduct themselves in this area of being reliable. Prairie Electric and Ek Plumbing are the same. It does not matter who we deal with in their companies. We always can count on them. Always!!

The next series of article will describe each word associated to “Build Smart”.

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