Defining Build Smart ‘I’ for Integrity?

There can be many ways to define ‘Integrity’. Our employees have made it very clear, “If you make a commitment live by it.”

Just by choosing the word, I think our employees are on to something. Managing employees, clients, subcontractors, vendors, lenders, realtors and the like is a real challenge. Making it more difficult is the era of multiple ways to communicate.

If someone sends an email, how long is a reasonable expectation to respond back to the sender? How about if someone leaves you a voicemail? What is the expectation of the person who leaves the message? If you receive a text, what then. It is common for us to get hit on all fronts when communicating with people.

If somebody wants something, we receive communications via phone messages, texts and emails all at the same time. What to do? We have defined what we can do. We will try to respond the same day. If not, then we have committed to respond within 24 hours (unless it is an emergency like a broken water pipe or a safety issue).

We have made a commitment of what we can do. In order for our employees to have Integrity so then does everyone in our supply chain. If we commit to communicate back to a client about a plumbing question then we do need our plumber to be responsive to us within the same time period.

Some may think when choosing a vendor or subcontractor that price is the key factor. Not so. A high level of Integrity trumps pricing. Try it sometime. Pick someone to do work for you that are a low price. I would be that you will find a reverse relationship between price and integrity.

The next series of article will describe each word associated to “Build Smart”.

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