Defining Build Smart: ‘D’ for Detailed and ‘S’ for Simplicity

The last few articles we have been discussing how our employees have defined each letter of our ‘Build Smart’ tagline. ‘D’ stands for Detailed and ‘S’ for Simplicity.

I decided this week that I would discuss both words as if they are one. Have you ever been listening to someone talk and suddenly you have no idea what they are talking about? I don’t like that nor do I want that from our team either from a verbal or written communication.

I enjoy studying great leaders. One thing they all have in common is being able to provide simple solutions to difficult problems. I really believe one most think it through in a detailed manner and then sort out the possibilities until it is simple. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with the right answer.

Great preparation is really a separator in the new home construction trade. We really want to dig into the details and get things right before we do our work. The timeless carpenters saying of “Measure Twice Cut Once” is so true.

I find building now is a lot different from even just 10 years ago. Holding people’s attention is increasingly difficult. We have changed in how we communicate. Short and accurately to the point is our focus.

Maybe I will cut this article short to be detailed yet simple!!

The next series of article will describe each word associated to “Build Smart”.

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