Defining Build Smart: ‘B’ for Balance

When you listen to people talk you will notice the word balance used frequently. Our employees picked this word primarily because they felt it important to have balance between work and their personal lives. A healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise also requires a balanced approach desired by our employees.

It seems with all these communication devices we are constantly on. Building or remodeling homes for clients it is common to have a client, sub or vendor contact us at night or the weekends. Wanting answers now is important but so are boundaries. We have set ground rules within our communication systems to help improve the balance between work and personal time not only for our employees but also for our clients.

It takes type A personalities to produce fine homes for our clients. Many of our clients our Type A’s as well. It is imperative that we follow up with each other. We have agreed to follow up within 24 hours of receipt of a phone call, email text, etc. I know this may seem a long time but sometimes we are engaged in lengthy meetings and it is all but impossible to get back to somebody faster. I like to get back to people the same day usually within 4 hours. I find it easier for me then I will not need to remember later.

Balancing the budget is something we do as a matter course with all of our clients. Sometimes we see our clients balancing priorities of where to spend the money in a home. We have a shortage of skilled workers. It truly is a balancing act managing our trade partners.

The ecosystem within one’s home requires balance. Green building techniques addresses that.

The more I think about balance the more appropriate the word is to start our “Build Smart” tag line. Employees—well done!

The next series of article will describe each word associated to “Build Smart”.

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