Q: Can you explain your home warranty?

A: The State of Washington has a law on how new home builders are to warrant their homes. The basics of the law give the homeowner 1 year from closing for cosmetic items to be repaired. Structural and mechanical items have a 6 year period from closing.

Manufactures have additional warranties for their products. Builders will usually provide copies of those warranties to the homeowner. A homeowner can also find these warranties online or simply call the manufacturer.

Performance guidelines for all phases of work set the ground rules for what is covered and what isn’t. These guidelines need to be provided to the homeowner by the builder. Books on builder warranty and performance guidelines can be found though the National Association of Homebuilders. You can even source out your local or state building associations.

Quail Homes hires all of their trades and vendors based on performance guidelines. If any work falls outside tolerances set by these guidelines our trades and vendors are responsible.

I highly suggest prior to purchasing a new home that a prospective homeowner fully understand how the home warranty works.

We provide additional warranty coverage via an insurance policy through Residential Warranty Corporation. The purpose of this policy is to protect the homeowner in case something happens to the builder.

Prior to closing on a new home it is very important to have all work done prior to closing. Once the home closes it is more difficult to get builders, trades and vendors to respond.

The best warranty you can have is knowing the builder. Ask for references. Get a feel if the builder is a handshake guy. If he is, you’re most likely going to be in good shape.

Build well and enjoy life.

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