As our employees identified ‘U’ for Unity, I really wondered what they meant.

Individualism is the trend. The internet, smartphones, I-Pods, Netflix, videogames, etc. really set the tone for everyone to pursue their individual interests. But, does that provide true satisfaction?

I do recognize the importance of being part of something beyond one’s self. Building or remodeling homes you really do need to have the passion to serve. I believe our staff really felt the importance of working with our trade partners and clients to achieve outstanding results takes a unified effort. I also believe that they are feeling the daily pressures of how hard it is to unify.

What can help is taking the time to develop a focused effort to get better at working together. We have made great strides to setup a topnotch weekly communication that goes a long ways in helping everyone stay together. Having the discipline to stay with the system is vital. A methodical detailed approach seems to work the best.

What I have found over my career is that strong leadership based on core values that are consistently practiced over time is the best way to keep unity. Sometimes I really do feel that Unity is not natural. You really need to work at it. The distractions and temptations we all face tug away from Unifying.

All around the world we see the struggles with Unity. We experience it at work and within our families. I do think that our employees are telling me something. We will have some work to do to get better at creating more unity. As the leader, I am up for the challenge.

The next series of article will describe each word associated to “Build Smart”.

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